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Excellent vintage condition.

The original strap on this bag had a loose thread. I sent it to Louis Vuitton to be re-stitched. The was completely replaced with a brand new strap by Louis Vuitton!

You will receive the repair paperwork along with purchase. The repair receipts prove authenticity. This is because, Louis Vuitton will not repair an item with cracked canvas. Louis Vuitton also will not touch a bag unless it is authentic.

All pockets are useable and original. No offensive odors. Interior perfect condition for its age. The only pocket that shows any wear at all, is the interior change pocket. All zippers are in working condition.

The only actual wear is on the buckle, where the leather bends to open and close. However, that is to be expected with this type of closure.

This bag has been cleaned and conditioned properly. The brass has been shined up. There is no cracked or missing piping.

This is a very vintage piece from before date codes. However, I guarantee authenticity on all of my items.

It will also come with its repair receipt from Louis Vuitton that proves its authenticity.

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