Layaway & Payment Plan Options

Offers On Site Layaway

  • In store payment plans are only offered in two Payments: 50% down at time of purchase, with the remaining 50% + applicable taxes and shipping costs due 14 days later. 

  • The initial payment can be made by purchasing & Layaway Credits (below) in the amount of 50% of your item's price. For Example: If the item price is $200, you will purchase a minimum of 100 Layaway Credits at $1 each for your first payment. 

  • At checkout, paste a link to the item that you are purchasing. Please Note: If you are using using & Layaway Credits, please Do Not use Sezzle or Paypal Credit at check out, doing so will incur additional fees on your purchase.

  • Once your initial payment is received, you will receive a purchase receipt for your purchase of Layaway Credits,. You will receive a follow-up email confirmation concerning your item within 24-48 hours. Your confirmation email will state the remaining total amount due (including applicable taxes and shipping cost) and the total final payment due date. 

  • For your final payment, you will again purchase Layaway Credits in the final amount due.

  • Feel free to email sales@authenticbagsonly,com with any questions.

  • If you prefer smaller payment amounts with a longer time to repay, please check out using Sezzle or Paypal Credit.

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