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Imagine Yourself As A Gucci Bag

To Increase Self-Esteem And Feel Beautiful, Avoid These Things

With the new year rolIing in, I wanted to share this HuffPost article because it shows our favorite stars sans makeup. 

Vintage bags have something in common with people - they have had an entire life. before we even knew them.

It is amazing to hold a great vintage suitcase and dream about the places that it may have traveled.

Quite often, the piece will have small clues about its past. Watermarks, dents, dings, wear to a specific part are all clues. 

People are very similar in this way. We all have very different lives, different travels, and different dents, dings, and imperfections. 

Imperfections are gorgeous. Imperfections show that you have lived, traveled, felt joy, love, sadness, pain. Imperfections show the map of our travels.

So, the next time you look in the mirror and see a smile line.....embrace it! It shows that you have smiled. 

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